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Energy Work & Healing

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Energy work is widely known and highly regarded in holistic healing circles, and has been around for hundreds of years through many different cultures. In our sessions, we combine decades of holistic training, including Healing Touch, Reiki, chakra balancing and more to aid you on your healing journey. 


Energy healing, or energy therapy, can be an excellent addition to your regimen if you are interested in:
-Healing childhood wounds
-Removing emotional blockages 
-Relaxing the nervous system, and getting out of the "Fight/Flight/Freeze" response
-Reclaiming your autonomy and gaining confidence in your life
-Promote healing physical injuries
-Reducing PTSD symptoms
-Individual empowerment
and much more.

Your first session will include an initial intake of symptoms you are experiencing (physical/emotional) and from there we will develop an action plan to alleviate them using healing and energy work. Each session will be conducted over zoom, and may include light movement,  breathwork, and exercises for the energetic body as needed.