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What if I told you you could work out, meditate, reprogram your brain to become resilient to stress & anxiety AND elevate your quality of life at the same time? 
Guess what? You can.
It's called Embodied exercise.

 You have the potential to exercise in a deeper, more deliberate way that heals, nourishes, and rewires your brain to alleviate stress. With this method, you will become more present to the situations in your life, unlock deep wisdom and joy stored in your cells, and obliterate stress just by exercising smarter.

Sounds magical, right?
It is, and it's a lot easier than you think!

All you need is 10-30 mins a day.

Are you ready to exercise better?
Introducing the
Love Yourself Whole Virtual Course!

Embodied exercise in easily digestible videos to do from your own living room!

Grab your virtual program now for $39!

Not Convinced? Lets Talk about your body.

Do you often experience:

  • Body aches & pains even though you stretch and take care of yourself?

  • Frequent headaches, or feel nauseous? 

  • Find yourself irritable, or short tempered?

  • Tiredness, grogginess or brain fog more than usual?

  • Feeling unsure of yourself in the world, detaching often from social interactions out of discomfort? 

  • Stiffness in your muscles, neck, back or hamstrings?

Just because you feel these things, doesn't mean you're doomed to an uncomfortable, chronically painful life forever!

..."Okay, I resonate with this, and this is true in my experience. How do I fix it?"

Your body is way more than just a bag of muscles and bones.
If we treat it like that, we're only getting skin deep with our growth.

Many "fitness" routines & practices out there use an "outside-in" approach to growth, where the focus is strictly on how you look, or how much you can lift. (And that's totally okay, if all you're looking for is muscle gains!) But often, workout routines are NOT well rounded and ignore many important facets of your being.


Think of your body like a home.

We've all heard the age old, "Your body is a temple" anecdote, right? 

Well, there's truth to that. 

Imagine your body is like a well functioning home.

You have your:

  • Foundation, walls and roof: These are equivalent to your physical body. Your skin, bones & muscles keep your insides safe, protected, and act as a vehicle to navigate the world with.

  • Electrical wiring: This is your nervous system! Your neurons send signals throughout your body regulating your voluntary & involuntary actions (Such as breathing, blood pressure, processing our senses, etc.) It also controls your fight/flight response, which is a crucial element in regulating stress (or trauma.)

  • Plumbing system: This is equivalent to your body's fluid system, and there are many! (Blood, spinal fluid, lymph fluid, etc.) These are all used for various healing and rejuvenating processes in the body.

  • Lastly, the windows: This is a bit ethereal, but think of the windows as your perspectives on the environment around you. How to you show up in the world, with your "Home" of a body? Do we have a healthy sense of "Self"?

If you can imagine, all of these pieces are necessary for leading a fulfilling and content life.

So why can't we incorporate these things into our exercise routine?

Are you ready to elevate your exercise? Let me help!

Hi! I'm Alexandra. I've spent 10+ years studying the body, how we exercise, and how we show up in the world.

Call me crazy, but as an athlete, competitive dancer, yogi and bioenergetic healer, it's safe to say I've dedicated my life to figuring out a better, well-rounded approach to health & wellness. 

For a long time in my competitive career, I felt I wasn't getting the training or the workouts I wanted. 

Everything was physical (of course, that's to be expected.) I was tired all the time, irritable, with many aches and pains. I didn't enjoy the process, because it left me feeling worse off every single time.


Training was hardcore and constant, with little emphasis on how I  recovered or felt during the process. Never mind enjoying the work I was doing.

It was empty, and minimally fulfilling at best. To top it off, I wasn't even in my best physical shape, and I didn't like the way I looked or felt at all

That's when I realized that the body was more than just a "bag of meat & bones", as one trainer lovingly put it. We have to take into account the whole body as a system of interrelated parts, otherwise we'll never feel truly good or whole.

So I came up with my own system that nourishes every facet of your being, and I can't wait to share it with you!

Introducing: Love Yourself Whole!
The embodied, fully integrated way to exercise.

Personal Vlog YouTube Thumbnail.jpg

What you'll get

  • 8 full video exercise routines with modifications for all levels that encompass all 4 of our body's systems (Physical + Electrical + Fluid + Mental) for a fully embodied workout.
    Exercises are inspired by a variety of progressive healing and strength modalities, including Ashtanga yoga, Pilates, isometric & isotonic stretching, ROM training, somatic awareness, and many many more.


  • Breathing Techniques for deeper integration of the exercises, inspired by Taoist breathwork practices

  • Combinations of mini warm-up drills + stretches to set the space for your exercise routines. Think of these like eating your vegetables; they provide the consistent nutrients for your practice. They can be done by themselves or before and after your workout!

  • A calendar of recommended exercises to complete during the week/month for maximum growth and training

  • 24-7 email support & access to your coach (me, Alexandra!) for any questions you may have!

  • This amazing offer is yours for $39!

Ready to dive in and change your routine?
(And inevitably, your life?)

Available now for $39


These video practices are easy to do from the comfort of your own home, and are full of important details that you don't often hear from the "fitness" industry. You will begin to see how diving into the different spaces of the body actually heal and create a deeper, more understanding way to interact with the world around you. 

Don't believe me? See what our tribe is saying:


"...You brought such joy to me, the very first practice I ever did was on a Saturday morning w/you, and then later in the personal session when I had so much fun unleashing myself in dance & movement! Your wisdom guided me not just through the "steps" but how to release my creative inner self too...Your energy was so wonderful. I am so happy to know you and to work with you!"

Jim Rheude, Cincinnati OH

"Ahhh I love you with all my heart! From the moment I met you I fell in love with your heart and spirit! This work is a DREAM for me!"

Dana Yangello, Los Angeles CA

What have you got to lose? 
If you try my course and don't like it, we'll give you your money back, 100%. That's how confident I am that you'll benefit from this course!


Let us know!

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